Back to Back Racking Systems


Back to Back Racking Systems are widely used. Despite wide usage area, they are economical and traditional racking systems. As its name suggests, they are placed back-to-back and connected with one another. They are very useful in terms of robustness and reliability. One can place the products via Forklift or hand. We offer back to back racking systems based on your storage area and your desire or our experts can project this system most appropriately and offer you.

Back-to-back racking systems are modular, allowing you to use your warehouse in the most efficient way.
They are easily transportable, and they can be disassembled and assembled racking systems.
Any sector can use it.
A perfect stock audit. In each pigeonhole, you can place different products.
It is compatible with barcode system. It has advantages such as direct access to all pallets, free space organization, possibility to use with manual or automatic forklift, and adaptability of height and width of loading units.
They are the most used load shelves with pallet. To one pigeonhole between two legs, the couple of pallet can be stored.
Their travers’ height can be easily changed. Thanks to this feature, it allows flexibility for storage for pelleted products.

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    Product photos

    Product overview

    1. Heavy-Duty Leg

    2. Heavy-Duty Travers

    3. Heavy-Duty Perforated Pan Rack

    4. Heavy-Duty Pan Rack

    5. Heavy-Duty Travers

    6. Heavy-Duty Safety Pin
7. Chipboard

    8. Back-to-Back Fastener

    9. Stoper Travers
10. Box Profile

    11. Cross brace

    12. Leg Protection Barrier

    13. Leg Protection Corner Barrier

    14. Heavy-Duty Rayon Protection Profile
    15. Heavy-Duty Leg Pad

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    Why ZMF?

    The most important thing for us is to ensure that our customers receive the right products with the right measurements by directing their requests in line with their needs. Our customers who want to have shelf do not really know their needs. We offer them a kind of consultancy as well as sales and marketing. Warehouse height, area dimensions, pallet dimensions, pallet weights, features of the stacker used by our customers guide us in understanding their needs.

    The Leader in Second-Hand Rack System

    Just because the rack is second-hand, that does not mean that its color is deformed and it is useless and risky. In fact, the logistic and storage history in Turkey is no longer than 15 years. Naturally, shelf systems are generally new and open to use. There are minimum 1,500-2,000 tons and hundreds of products in our warehouses. Generally, all of these products are relatively new products because of storage renovation and transfer. If the right system is used with the right equipment in the right place, the shelf systems can be used for at least 20 years.


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